Thursday, 20 May 2010

Cathy Gale Episodes

In my opinion this episodes aren't as popular as all the others. But it's difficult for me to analyse why. I like Cathy - indeed. She has is a great charcater - very female, ironic, clever...
But I have problems with the episodes. Something is missing. I don't know if it's because I don't understand well what they are talking about - I have the DVD's, but it seems that the sound isn't good and they talk so fast! It's easier for me to understand Emma, Tara and Purdey (and there are also german DVD's available)

So could you explain the problems with the Cathy Gale area? what do you think?

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  1. Sure! I think there are several problems with some of the Gale episodes, especially looking back in time:

    1. Many are Very Boring and also Hard To Understand with the quickness of speech and the complicated plot. Of course, some, like "Mr. Teddy Bear" and "Man With Two Shadows" are also brilliant and well worth watching repeatedly. But, if you made me sit down and watch "Second Sight" again, I'd rip my hair out and cry hysterically.

    2. Cathy is edgy, greatly lacks a sense of humor, is too judgmental--there is little banter per se, and generally only from Steed's side. It's not as much FUN watching them interact, as she is usually getting upset.

    3. Sex anyone? As far as I can tell, there is only one major clue they were lovers at least once--the tag scene of "Man With Two Shadows" , when they laugh about Cathy being able to identify every inch of Steed's body. I have my own theories about all that, but overall, the lack of fun and sexual innuendo from a joyful point of view--which we got so spoiled with from the other shows (Emma, Tara, Purdey), makes the Gale episodes a bit dreary at times.

    4. Did I mention Cathy is cranky, irritable, and feels ridiculously morally superior to Steed?

    4. We have the OTHER shows to watch--It's hard to pull out a Gale episode when we have all the Emma eps, the Tara eps, the Purdey eps, to watch instead. But, then again, seeing a youngish Steed, who is not QUITE the refined Steed of later years is definitely a pleasure. Plus, Pat took off his shirt now and then in the Cathy years! (And once his trousers!!!).